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“An empowering start”, “an interactive day,” “an enriching experience” , this is how the 23 participating teams described the first day of Startup Sprint. With great enthusiasm and energy, Bootcamp founders David Munir Nabti and Samer Azar kickstarted Bootcamp’s three-day Startup Sprint. Over 40 aspiring founders listened carefully as they introduced the Lebanese startup ecosystem and encouraged them to be part of its promising future.

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And so, began an interactive day packed with activities and workshops. Our international keynote speaker, Jakob Aungiers, was first up, sharing his experience as an innovator in the banking sector, and as a FinTech startup founder and competitive skydiver. Later on, Pitch Coach Ali Chehade energized the teams through an elevator pitch activity. Bootcamp Program Developer Dana Abou Schakra and TeensWhoCode Co-founder Nour Atrissi led an insightful workshop on problem validation and Unique Value Propositions. Bootcamp Program Manager Rita Kerbaj followed with with a practical workshop titled “Markets the Matter Make Magical Startups,”getting each team to estimate their market size and assess their competitive landscapes. Ali Chehade then took the stage again with a compelling discussion on the importance of team-building and its role in making or breaking a startup.

Finally, the day ended with a three-hour work session with local and international mentors. Experts from various industries coached the different teams, offering insight and customized guidance based on the team’s needs. Many of them startup founders, the mentors were eager to share their knowledge in the building blocks of successful startups. After a long day, each team sat together to outline their key learnings and goals, setting the next steps they seek to accomplish throughout the Sprint. The next two days will be equally intense, with the teams getting deeper into their business models and building their pitch decks. As Aungiers described it, “today was a powerful start to a weekend full of disruption!”

The Bootcamp startup program applications are now open, apply by April 16.

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