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The second day of Bootcamp’s fourth Startup Sprint saw the return of 22 enthusiastic teams to continue their journey towards Day 3’s public pitch. With the ice having broken off after the first day, interaction and communication between the teams were easier. Everyone was working together seamlessly.

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Jennifer Kanaan, Program Director at Eastline Academy, launched the day with a workshop titled “Reaching Your Customers from Day 0” that taught the teams all there is to know on market segmentation, Facebook and Google ads, Landing Pages, and customer personas.

Bootcamp’s very own Dana Abou Shackra followed the workshop with an interviewing activity aimed at preparing for data extraction from the customers themselves.

Our second international expert, Genevieve Leveille, guided the teams through the process of setting up the company’s financials and how to make money from the very start, in her workshop: “Real Entrepreneurs Get Paid First.”

Lara Chikhani then worked with the teams on prototyping before Leveille took to stage once more for a lightning talk on the importance of FinTech.

Three hours of mentor work sessions later, the teams joined Ali Chehade for Pitch Consultations. The teams pitched on camera and gave each other feedback on how to improve, bringing them one step closer to Sunday’s grand finale.

“This is a Sprint, not a marathon,” mentioned Chehade. The teams know that now. They’re moving forward with considerable momentum.

The Bootcamp startup program applications are now open, apply by April 16.

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