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Introducing the AltCity Community Leaders Program - ACLP

AltCity believes that together we build a future we want to be a part of, creating opportunities, solving problems, and building startups. That's why AltCity has been hosting wonderful people doing wonderful things ever since our Hamra space opened up in 2012. We've hosted and supported thousands of events and tens of thousands of people have come through our doors. We've met so many inspiring people and supported the development of startups from idea to investment. 

We're building on that to open up these opportunities to a wider audience, and increase engagement and impact across sectors and in different parts of Beirut and Lebanon. Through this effort, we're connecting with other inspiring people to join forces to launch Community Working Groups on different sectors, tech trends, and areas to help more people get inspired, learn about technology and sector trends, get feedback on their innovations and ideas, find co-founders, and otherwise fuel action-oriented activities to help more people do more amazing things. 

We're looking for community leaders to help lead this effort around areas that they are passionate about. AltCity Community Leaders are usually students or mid-career professionals who are passionate about a particular issue, and want to play a leading role in bringing people together regularly to share, connect, learn, build solutions, and launch startups. To begin with we are developing easy to run programming and are offering network and financial support for a monthly Community Working Group event. Your input as community leaders and our quarterly meetups will serve as ways to identify more ways we can support each other in building these distributed communities and their impact.

If you're a great host, want to build community and have a passion in any of these core themes (Financial Technologies, New Education, Virtual Reality / New Media, Data Science, Quantified Self, Health and Wellness Technology, Sustainability and Green Tech, Hardware / Robots, Game Tech), please consider applying today. We're looking for the community leaders that will the build knowledge, and communities that build the future. 

Thank you for reading and feel free to comment any questions you may have! 

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