Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

From the overload of trash and lack of electricity, to a crippled infrastructure, poor urban planning and neglect of the underprivileged, Lebanon faces a variety of significant environmental and social challenges. Yet, while most of us may view these challenges as obstacles, for high impact social enterprises, they are tremendous opportunities to make a difference and play a role in redesigning Lebanon’s future.

Day 3 at Bootcamp's Startup Sprint

The teams made it to the finish line and the momentum only grew! The fourth edition of Startup Sprint ended with as much energy as it started, crowing Stampoint as the first prize winner and Wassini in second place. The day was packed with last minute preparations followed by inspiring pitches, perfected over three days of training and practice.

Day 2 at Bootcamp's Startup Sprint

The second day of Bootcamp’s fourth Startup Sprint saw the return of 22 enthusiastic teams to continue their journey towards Day 3’s public pitch. With the ice having broken off after the first day, interaction and communication between the teams were easier. Everyone was working together seamlessly.

Day 1 at Bootcamp's Startup Sprint

“An empowering start”, “an interactive day,” “an enriching experience” , this is how the 23 participating teams described the first day of Startup Sprint. With great enthusiasm and energy, Bootcamp founders David Munir Nabti and Samer Azar kickstarted Bootcamp’s three-day Startup Sprint. Over 40 aspiring founders listened carefully as they introduced the Lebanese startup ecosystem and encouraged them to be part of its promising future.

A Guide to Raising Investment for your Startup in Lebanon

So you’ve decided to take your idea to the next step and here you are with your own startup ready to kickstart! Unless you’ve managed to save up a lot of money or you’ve recently inherited a very rich relative, looking for investment is one of your first main objectives. In this booming Lebanese entrepreneurial ecosystem, new investment opportunities are lining up by the day and they’re looking for people just like you. So where do you start and how  do you find them?

Four Things Investors Look For In Seed Startups

Before getting started, it is important to note one thing: investors are people too! Their decisions are not programmed and their feelings often matter the most, as with all people. Though every investor shares the same ultimate goal - garnering a return on their investment - each one may have a very different set of values, preferences, and ways to achieve that.

Getting Familiar With Investment Banking

To most people, investment banking is a big mystery - they know it’s important, but they aren’t really sure why. It’s like some finance mojo that no one really needs to know about unless you’re a banker. Or to put it differently, the term is a combination of two words that separately make perfect sense but together create confusion. This guide will help you understand what investment banking really is and what investment banks actually do.

Aspiring to put Lebanon in the Top 20 Global Innovation Ecosystems.

As we work to build strength in the Lebanese startup ecosystem, it would be good if we could align around a vision of what it is that we're working to build, why we're working to build it, what it will take for us to get there, and why this is so urgent to do, do now, and do with the same sense of purpose that helped a human walk on the moon or sail around the world for the first time.