A Guide to Raising Investment for your Startup in Lebanon

So you’ve decided to take your idea to the next step and here you are with your own startup ready to kickstart! Unless you’ve managed to save up a lot of money or you’ve recently inherited a very rich relative, looking for investment is one of your first main objectives. In this booming Lebanese entrepreneurial ecosystem, new investment opportunities are lining up by the day and they’re looking for people just like you. So where do you start and how  do you find them?

Four Things Investors Look For In Seed Startups

Before getting started, it is important to note one thing: investors are people too! Their decisions are not programmed and their feelings often matter the most, as with all people. Though every investor shares the same ultimate goal - garnering a return on their investment - each one may have a very different set of values, preferences, and ways to achieve that.

Getting Familiar With Investment Banking

To most people, investment banking is a big mystery - they know it’s important, but they aren’t really sure why. It’s like some finance mojo that no one really needs to know about unless you’re a banker. Or to put it differently, the term is a combination of two words that separately make perfect sense but together create confusion. This guide will help you understand what investment banking really is and what investment banks actually do.