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Ready. Set. Go. The three-day intensive program, organized by Bootcamp, is the ultimate boost your spirit needs to finally take your idea out of your head and showcase it in the real world.

On day 1, we learn. On day 2, we test this knowledge. And, on day 3, we refine our work before it appears in front of the expert judges.

Five thousand dollar cash prizes await you and we believe your idea is worth every penny. But keep in mind that the competition is purely positive and collaborative. The path to establishing a startup is unpredictable and your competitor today might just become your partner tomorrow.

On Day 1 of the Sprint, the goal is to learn, learn, and learn some more. And so, on a sunny Friday afternoon, the journey began with a motivational word by CEO David Munir Nabti.

“It is going to be intense, and fun, and hopefully a great learning experience for you,” he said.

Rita Kerbaj then took the floor to encourage participants to always think global, never just local. And indeed, no problem is faced by only one country, so why should your startup address a national audience? In this short introduction, both speakers introduced the goals of the Sprint, and the objectives to reach in the next three days.

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The ultimate way to success is to learn from other people who have done it before you. Fadi Bou Debs, Bootcamp alumnus and CEO of KillMyRoutine, shared his successful pitch with an audience eager to learn. His words of experience inspired the ambitious self-starters to keep moving forward, no matter how far the finish line seems to be.

Mark Dickinson’s teambuilding activity came next – and we assure you it was not your average lecture. In a matter of 30 minutes, he pushed participants to explore how they will contribute to their startup team on an individual level. Dickinson attributed to each individual a role that they identify with. Are you an organizer? A director? A creator? Or a team-builder? Take a minute to think it through. By grouping contestants in differeent categories, Dickinson took the Sprint experience from a collective to a more personal level.

His enticing chat was followed by ‘lightning talks,’ given by the mentors themselves. The quick yet enlightening discussions gave the participants the opportunity to absorb and learn as much as they can before embarking on a journey of hands-on work in the next two days.

Daniel Baaklini, Senior Technology Consultant at Oracle, proceeded with the last talk of the day on cloud computing, “the latest innovation in the IT world.”

The first day of the Sprint came to an end with a short work session, where participants met with mentors to begin working on their pitch deck.

The second day of the Sprint will be all about using and testing the knowledge acquired today.

With a well-fed mind and a clearer view of their future, the soon-to-be entrepreneurs took off for a good night of rest before day 2 of the sprint.

A full day of connecting with experts and mentors awaits our participants. Stay alert to find out more about the brilliant ideas of our participants, and, of course, to find out which of our contestants will make it to the next round.


The Bootcamp startup program applications are now open, apply by April 16.

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